Who we are

Rebank brings a team of experienced fintech, banking and technology operators to bear on the most pressing strategic questions facing banks, corporates and investors.

Led by Will Beeson, who brings direct experience across banking, lending and investments in the US, UK and continental Europe. Most recently, Will co-founded Allica, an SME-focused digital challenger bank in the UK.

Why we're here

The world is changing fast. New technologies are impacting how we think about products, services and the way we live our lives. Nowhere is this trend more present than in financial services, where new business models and customer expectations are changing our conceptions about banking, finance, and the very nature of money.

The next fifteen years will be unprecedented in their transformative effect on financial services. The future of banking, finance, money and society is being written now.

With our hands-on fintech operator experience, traditional financial services background and massive network of leading global fintech practitioners, founders and investors, we're uniquely positioned to support emerging and incumbent businesses in facing the future.

What we do

Rebank is an advisory firm dedicated to the exploration of the most important technological, competitive and social trends shaping the future of financial services.

Our areas of focus include digital banking, payments, lending, SMB banking, roboadvisory, digital investments, business model innovation, digital assets, insurtech, banking infrastructure, new bank authorizations, startups and venture capital.

Specifically, we're interested in the way technology and competitive dynamics are reshaping the industry and impacting how value accrues in the market.

How we work

We offer discrete engagements of the following types:

- Fintech industry scoping
- Responding to fintech
- Proposition review
- Bespoke reports for presentation
- Market intel
- Workshops & Executive Days

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