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In our publicly available content, we study the competitive, technological and social trends driving financial innovation and explore the implications for the future of finance.

We go deep on subjects including digital banking, lending, banking infrastructure, payments, capital markets, crypto & blockchain, artificial intelligence, roboadvisory, digital investments and insurtech.

These topics are all connected. Understanding one vertical in detail requires an appreciation of the bigger picture.

Our content is the entry point for bespoke engagements with firms looking to make sense of fintech, stay abreast of rapid developments and innovate on traditional models.

We work with a select and exclusive group of clients on a bespoke basis, where we can deliver outstanding value.

Anticipate, Don't React

Staying on top of the rapidly evolving fintech space is challenging.

We're constantly engaging with the most innovative practitioners and leading-edge startups, giving us unique insight into where the market is going.

We offer fintech industry scoping by vertical, partner due diligence and market intelligence to support strategy setting and proposition design.

An Independent Voice

Clients appreciate our independent view on the value of positioning for a competitive future. As an external voice, we can help garner appreciation for important messages through emphasis on values and economics.

We offer tailored reports, workshops and executive days, as well as ongoing engagements.

Where Does Value Accrue?

We help executives and investors form macro theses around financial innovation, designing frameworks for understanding value accrual in fintech and new technologies.

Bespoke reports and case studies, investment due diligence and portfolio advisory.

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