Banking-as-a-Service from the Incumbent’s Perspective with BBVA

April 8, 2020 27 min

Today we’re joined by Abhishek Gupta, Head of BBVA Open Platform, BBVA’s banking-as-a-service offering.

As most people listening this podcast know, BBVA is a leader in financial innovation among incumbent banks, having taken a very proactive approach to the role of technology in banking.

The Open Platform is the productized, public facing version of BBVA’s core banking infrastructure, offering checking, savings, cards, payments and KYC via API to fintechs and brands.

In this conversation, Abhishek and I discuss the emerging banking-as-a-service industry, the most compelling fintech and brand use cases of bank APIs and BBVA’s broader approach to financial innovation.

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Thank you very much for joining us today. Please welcome, Abhishek Gupta.