KYC as a Competitive Advantage with Fourthline

July 24, 2020 30 min

Krik Gunning is the CEO and co-founder of Fourthline, one of fastest growing companies in Europe. Fourtline verifies the identities of millions of customers for clients like N26, ING, SolarisBank, Degiro, Flatex and many others.

Aman and Krik discuss the genesis of KYC and the constant struggle between compliance and risk at regulated institutions. They look at real world examples of how companies are stopping financial crime and how technology offerings in this commoditized market stand out. Finally, they talk about the e-ID and what the future of centralised KYC might look like and how it might benefit the broader ecosystem.

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Thank you very much for joining us today. Please welcome, Aman Ghei and Krik Gunning.

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