Personal Capital is Acquired for $1 Billion, Lemonade IPOs and PayPal Joins the Crypto Club

July 10, 2020 32 min

Today, we’re joined by Lex Sokolin to talk news and current events.

Robo 1.0 success Personal Capital was acquired for nearly $1 billion by Empower, a major retirement savings manager.

Softbank-backed insurtech darling Lemonade IPOed at less than $2 billion, in a successful fundraise and listing, and has since seen it’s market cap rise to over $4 billion. The IPO is a landmark for an insurtech industry in desperate need of successes.

And PayPal announces the impending launch of crypto trading to its 325 million users. The move isn’t overly interesting in its own right, but the implications for the crypto space are worth exploring.

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Thank you very much for joining us today. Please welcome, Lex Sokolin.

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