Powering 95% of US Digital Banking with Galileo

June 2, 2020 37 min

Clay Wilkes is the founder and CEO of Galileo, one of the leading digital banking and payments platforms in North America.

Galileo provides much of the technology that powers banking and payments for companies including Chime, Robinhood and Varo, plus the US operations of Monzo, N26, Revolut and many, many more.

In April, SoFi, one of the absolute leading US fintechs and an increasingly full service financial institution, announced the acquisition of Galileo for $1.2 billion. The tie up will deliver, among other things, SoFi’s full suite of lending products and balance sheet into Galileo’s API platform, making them available to all of the customers Galileo supports.

Already a dominant player in the US, Galileo is expanding into Latin America, where Clay sees a rich emerging fintech market.

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Thank you very much for joining us today. Please welcome, Clay Wilkes.

Note: Here’s a link to the US digital banking market share graph referenced in the conversation.

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