A Private Bank for the Middle Class with MoneyLion

May 14, 2019 36 min

Dee Choubey is the Founder and CEO of MoneyLion, a digital bank combining a comprehensive financial offering with AI-driven personalized guidance.

With four million users and counting, MoneyLion aspires to build a private bank for the middle class, initially by providing financial access, education and advice to Americans underserved by the financial system.

I find MoneyLion’s vision highly compelling. As we’ve said before on the podcast, it feels like many B2C fintechs are converging to the same model. MoneyLion, on the other hand, has sought to be there from day one.

Dee and I connected at MoneyLion’s beautiful downtown San Francisco office, which meant sirens, honking horns and general urban background noise. We hope you’ll bear with us, as the conversation itself was excellent.