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A Hybrid Human/Technology Approach to SME Banking with Judo Bank

Joseph Healy is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Judo Bank, an SME challenger bank in Australia. Fresh off a A$400m equity raise from Bain Capital and others, Judo is on track to lend A$1 billion by year end. Prior to starting Judo, Joseph held executive positions at NAB, ANZ, CIBC World Markets, Citibank and Lloyds. […]

The Shifting Competitive Landscape in SME Banking

SME banking is a particular interest of mine, as long-time listeners know. We’ve covered it from a number of angles on Rebank, including challenger banking with OakNorth, digital lending with iwoca and Spotcap, payments with GoCardless and support services with Xero, to name a few. If one area has been getting increasing interest, it’s SME banking, and it’s about time. Last week, Pool A […]

Europe’s Most Valuable Fintech with Rishi Khosla

Rishi Khosla is co-founder and CEO of OakNorth, one of the world’s best funded and fastest growing fintechs. We’ve had OakNorth on the podcast a few times before. In the past, I’ve generally referred to OakNorth as a challenger bank, which they were, but the company has developed beyond that description. From its savings & lending origins, OakNorth has evolved […]

Is the Stage Set for a UK Banking Shakeup? with OakNorth

Today, we’re joined by Cristina Alba Ochoa and Valentina Kristensen, respectively CFO and Head of Communications of Oaknorth, one of the UK’s leading challenger banks. We update on Oaknorth’s recent milestones, including some big fundraises at massive valuations, and discuss the current state of play in SME banking in the UK. If you enjoy today’s […]

Can a Bank Be a Unicorn? with OakNorth

Today we have the great pleasure of catching up with Cristina Alba Ochoa, CFO, and Valentina Kristensen, Head of Marketing, of OakNorth, one of the UK’s leading banks. You thought I was going to say leading challenger banks, which of course they are, but I think it’s fair to say they’re punching well above their […]

Episode 44: ClearBank: The Biggest Thing in Fintech?

Nick Ogden is the Founder and Executive Chairman of ClearBank, the UK’s first new clearing bank in more than 250 years. ClearBank offers banking infrastructure, including clearing, to incumbent and startup financial services companies and fintechs. Built on real time technology, ClearBank aims to support increased transparency and competition in the UK banking market. Prior […]

Episode 31: Digital Banking is 1% Finished

Today we’re thrilled to be joined by fintech superstar David Brear, one of the most prominent thinkers and doers in our industry. David is focused on addressing one of the biggest challenges in banking: driving technological innovation at large, incumbent organizations. David Brear is CEO and co-founder of 11:FS, a FinTech consultancy that helps banks […]

Episode 13: All About Challenger Banking

Devie Mohan is a prominent fintech writer, speaker and commentator. Devie is the co-founder and CEO of Burnmark, a fintech research company established in partnership with Berlin-based FinLeap. She is also a market strategist and UK coordinator with FinLeap. Throughout the course of her career, Devie has helped numerous banks, startups, innovation groups and investors […]

Episode 12: How to Start a Bank

Joel Perlman is a UK-based serial entrepreneur. After starting his career at McKinsey, Joel eventually left to co-found Copal Partners, a financial research outsourcing company with his business partner, Rishi Khosla. Over a period of 12 years, they grew the business to almost 3,000 people before selling it to Moody’s in 2014. Subsequently, Joel and […]

Episode 3: The Digital Banking Revolution

This week, we’re joined by Jason Bates, co-founder of 11:FS and the bank formerly known as Mondo. Banking is becoming digital. In the UK, four digital-only retail banks are poised for roll-out, and the trend extends to Europe, the US, Canada, and much of the rest of the world. Jason has extensive experience in digital […]

Episode 1: The Current State of the Banking Industry

Rebank welcomes Jeff Tijssen, Managing Principal and Head of Fintech at Capco UK, to the mic for our first episode. Where better to start than with the current state of the banking industry? Jeff’s experience working for and with numerous incumbent banks in Europe and the UK shapes his views on the current landscape and […]

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