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Core Banking as a Competitive Advantage with Thought Machine

Paul Taylor is the founder and CEO of Thought Machine, a cloud native core banking platform. We first connected with Paul in November 2017, where we walked through his background as a Google AI engineer and the origins of Thought Machine. Today, we zoom out and update, digging deeper into what drives banks’ decisions to […]

Rebuilding the Backbone of Banking with Draper Esprit

Vinoth Jayakumar runs fintech investments for Draper Esprit, a premier venture capital firm and backers of the likes of Revolut and TransferWise. Today we grapple with the backend infrastructure of banking, updating on a subject we’ve covered in the past with 10x, ThoughtMachine, Mambu and others. These and other players have continued to build, recently […]

Episode 42: The Component Layer Revolution

Peeling back the banking stack, one layer at a time. This week, we’ve put together a special show looking at a couple of the biggest topics in fintech. Rebank is lucky to host some of the most noteworthy figures in fintech. The perspective and insight they provide is often an indicator of where things are […]

Episode 29: Core Banking in the Cloud

Eugene Danilkis is co-founder and CEO of Mambu, a banking technology provider based in Berlin. Eugene is literally a rocket scientist: He led a software engineering team developing NASA-certified software for the International Space Station prior to founding Mambu. Mambu is a cloud-based technology platform that enables banks and fintechs to rapidly address new market […]

Episode 20: Where We’re Going From Here, Part 2

This is Part 2 of a two-part review of our first 18 episodes. Before you rip out your headphones in disgust, let me explain. I’m not a fan of the classic “year in review”, I mean, we were all there, right? If we were paying attention the first time around, why do we need to […]

Episode 18: The Trouble with Legacy Systems

Andra Sonea is a banking systems specialist. Until recently Lead Solutions Architect within the Innovation & Digital Development Directorate at Lloyds Banking Group in London, Andra is currently pursuing a prestigious Anthemis Fellowship to build on her work in banking systems architecture. Andra has been involved in fintech for many years and is a keen […]

Episode 10: APIs & the Platformification of Banking

This week we’ve got a special two part edition, with two guests who represent arguably the future of banking and financial services technology. Martin Häring is the Chief Marketing Officer of Misys (www.misys.com), a global core banking provider that recently opened its systems to third party development, in yet another sign that the industry is […]

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