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What £775 Million in Cash Means for UK SME Banking

Oliver Prill is the CEO of Tide, a leading business banking provider for UK SMEs. Charles McManus is the CEO of ClearBank, the first new clearing bank in the UK in nearly 200 years. Tide and ClearBank recently won a £60 million grant as part of the RBS remedies program, which we’ve discussed before on the […]

Two Decades of Fintech Investing with Matt Harris

Matt Harris is a partner at Bain Capital Ventures focused on fintech and financial services. Matt is a fintech legend in New York. Everyone I talked to about this conversation knew Matt and sang his praises effusively. Matt has been an early stage investor since 1997, which is basically forever in fintech years. His portfolio […]

A Private Bank for the Middle Class with MoneyLion

Dee Choubey is the Founder and CEO of MoneyLion, a digital bank combining a comprehensive financial offering with AI-driven personalized guidance. With four million users and counting, MoneyLion aspires to build a private bank for the middle class, initially by providing financial access, education and advice to Americans underserved by the financial system. I find […]

America’s Fastest Growing Digital Bank with Chime

Ryan King is the Co-Founder and CTO of Chime, one of the leading digital banks in the US. Chime offers free banking to over three million customers, helping them save hundreds a year on banking and gain control of their financial lives. This episode was recorded at LendIt in San Francisco. A huge thanks to […]

What’s Happening in Digital Banking? with Ricky Knox

Ricky Knox is the Founder and CEO of Tandem, a UK digital bank. It’s a fascinating time in digital banking, as tech-forward banks in the UK, US, Europe and elsewhere race for product and geographic coverage and players like Apple and Goldman Sachs, who recently announced a credit card partnership, encroach on retail banks’ turf. […]

The Continued Evolution of Banking with Anthony Thomson

Anytime I find myself thinking how much progress has been made in digital banking over the past 6 or so years, I stop to consider how much further we’ll go from here. It feels like so much has happened since the paradigm shift brought about by the iPhone and the global banking crisis of 2008. No […]

Cracking the US Banking Market with Varo Money

The US could be one of the most lucrative markets for digital banks, but few new entrants have launched there. Why? How ripe is the opportunity, really? Monzo, N26 and Revolut have all stated intentions to launch in the US, though none have yet navigated the regulatory requirements. Colin Walsh is the CEO and co-founder of Varo Money, which is on track to become […]

Founder Sessions – Tom Blomfield, Monzo

Welcome to the third instalment of our Founder Sessions series. Tom Blomfield is the Founder & CEO of Monzo, one of the UK’s leading digital banks. For Tom’s full backstory, check out Rebank Episode 17, when we first connected with him. For an update on Monzo, including recently hitting the million customer milestone, check out […]

Episode 44: ClearBank: The Biggest Thing in Fintech?

Nick Ogden is the Founder and Executive Chairman of ClearBank, the UK’s first new clearing bank in more than 250 years. ClearBank offers banking infrastructure, including clearing, to incumbent and startup financial services companies and fintechs. Built on real time technology, ClearBank aims to support increased transparency and competition in the UK banking market. Prior […]

Episode 42: The Component Layer Revolution

Peeling back the banking stack, one layer at a time. This week, we’ve put together a special show looking at a couple of the biggest topics in fintech. Rebank is lucky to host some of the most noteworthy figures in fintech. The perspective and insight they provide is often an indicator of where things are […]

Episode 36: The Convergence of SME Banking & Accounting

Darren Fell is the Founder and CEO of Crunch, one of the original cloud-based accounting platforms, launched in 2009. Crunch serves thousands of sole traders and small businesses in the UK with an ever-increasing range of accounting and financial services products. Lav Odorovic is Co-Founder and CEO of Penta, a Berlin-based neobank offering banking services to early-stage […]

Episode 31: Digital Banking is 1% Finished

Today we’re thrilled to be joined by fintech superstar David Brear, one of the most prominent thinkers and doers in our industry. David is focused on addressing one of the biggest challenges in banking: driving technological innovation at large, incumbent organizations. David Brear is CEO and co-founder of 11:FS, a FinTech consultancy that helps banks […]

Episode 29: Core Banking in the Cloud

Eugene Danilkis is co-founder and CEO of Mambu, a banking technology provider based in Berlin. Eugene is literally a rocket scientist: He led a software engineering team developing NASA-certified software for the International Space Station prior to founding Mambu. Mambu is a cloud-based technology platform that enables banks and fintechs to rapidly address new market […]

Episode 26: AI, VR and the Future of the Banking Experience

In Episode 26, we’re joined by entrepreneur and innovator Dhiraj Mukherjee. Dhiraj is Head of Innovation at Virgin Money, a prominent UK bank and part of Richard Branson’s Virgin Group. After graduating from Dartmouth College and then Stanford GSB, Dhiraj co-founded Shazam, one of the best known apps of all time. Launched in 2002, the […]

Episode 25: Rethinking Banking

Today we’re very lucky to be joined by Sophie Guibaud, Head of European Expansion for Fidor Bank, one of Europe’s original and best known digital-only banks. Originally launched in Germany in 2009, Fidor expanded into the UK in 2015. Prior to joining Fidor, Sophie led product strategy and commercialization at Bankable, a white-label banking platform […]

Episode 23: Addressing the Syrian Refugee Crisis with Fintech

Today we welcome Balazs Nemethi to the podcast. Balazs is the founder of Taqanu, a bank for all. Taqanu wants to provide banking to anyone, regardless of background and available documents. One of their first target user groups is refugees displaced by unrest in Syria, but the potential for a solution like Taqanu extends across […]

Episode 20: Where We’re Going From Here, Part 2

This is Part 2 of a two-part review of our first 18 episodes. Before you rip out your headphones in disgust, let me explain. I’m not a fan of the classic “year in review”, I mean, we were all there, right? If we were paying attention the first time around, why do we need to […]

Episode 19: Where We’re Going From Here, Part 1

Episode 19 is a special one. We’re celebrating the year-end with a long-overdue dive into some of the key concepts that have found their way across multiple episodes to date. We’ve interviewed some of the most noteworthy founders, investors, thinkers and doers in fintech & banking innovation over the past few months. Their insight and […]

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