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$1 Billion of Mortgages a Day with Blend

Erin Collard is Co-Founder of Blend, a digital mortgage origination platform. Blend sits atop incumbent systems and digitizes the mortgage process, massively reducing costs for lenders and expediting origination. Blend’s software is compelling. So compelling, in fact, that 25% of the market now uses Blend’s technology to originate $1 billion of US mortgages every day. […]

Leveraging Data to Fix Consumer Credit

Today, we’re joined by two entrepreneurs making credit more understandable and accessible for people. Freddy Kelly is the Founder of Credit Kudos, a new model credit bureau making better data available to lenders. Matt Ford is the Founder of Pariti, an app built to help consumers improve their credit and qualify for new products. Pariti […]

Alternative Lending with Spotcap and iwoca

Today the focus is on alternative lending, one of the original fintech verticals. Surprisingly, in nearly 80 episodes, we’ve never gotten deep into alternative lending. After holding off for so long, today we’re hitting you with two interviews, one with Jens Woloszczak, the founder and CEO of Spotcap, and the second with Christoph Rieche, founder […]

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