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UBS & Credit Suisse Merger Talks, and Klarna Now Worth $10 Billion

Today, we’re joined by Lex Sokolin to talk through a few interesting developments in the world of fintech. M&A is a continued trend in fintech, with the most recent candidates reported to be UBS and Credit Suisse, the latter of which is also in the news with a new digital bank. Will their effort somehow be […]

Brands as Banks, Samsung Money, Kabbage vs. OnDeck and Fintech Geopolitics

Today, we’re joined by Lex Sokolin to talk news and current events. The fintech world is not taking the summer off. New developments are coming fast and furious, from fundraisings to product launches to government intervention. Banking for brands startup Bond raised $32 million to capitalize on the exploding trend of B2B2C banking. Samsung Money […]

Figure, SoFi and the Disruption of Finance with Mike Cagney

Mike Cagney is the Co-Founder and CEO of Figure, a full stack financial services blockchain company with consumer offerings in market or on the way in lending, banking and more. In late-2019, Figure raised $103 million at a $1.2 billion valuation and continues to grow. Prior to starting Figure, Mike co-founded and ran SoFi, one […]

Brex Raises Again, Shopify Launches Bank Accounts and M&A Ideas for Goldman

In this episode, we’re joined by Lex Sokolin to talk through a few recent events that are indicative of the fintech world right now. Brex raised an additional $150 million at a slightly improved valuation vs. its last round just as Monzo is reportedly looking at a 40% down round. Why? Shopify launched bank accounts […]

Technology, Empathy and Finance in a Time of Crisis with TrueAccord

Ohad Samet is the Co-Founder and CEO of TrueAccord, a company using machine learning, behavioral economics and empathy to reimagine the debt collection process. TrueAccord is a fantastic example of fintech’s most fundamental promise: using technology and a fresh perspective to create outcomes in financial services orders of magnitude better than traditional approaches, at a […]

The Golden Age of Fintech with Ron Suber

Ron Suber is the former head of Prosper, one of the original peer-to-peer lenders. Prior to getting involved in Prosper, Ron built and sold Merlin, a tech-first prime broker for the long-tail of hedge funds, acquired by Wells Fargo in 2012. Ron invests in and advises a number of fintech companies and has developed views […]

Addressing the U.S. Student Debt Crisis with Earnest

David Green is the Chief Product Officer at Earnest, a digital student lender and refinancing provider. The student debt market in the US is unique in the world. College is exceedingly expensive, and students fund their educations by borrowing from the government and private lenders. Despite the size of the market and its decades-long history, […]

$1 Billion of Mortgages a Day with Blend

Erin Collard is Co-Founder of Blend, a digital mortgage origination platform. Blend sits atop incumbent systems and digitizes the mortgage process, massively reducing costs for lenders and expediting origination. Blend’s software is compelling. So compelling, in fact, that 25% of the market now uses Blend’s technology to originate $1 billion of US mortgages every day. […]

Leveraging Data to Fix Consumer Credit

Today, we’re joined by two entrepreneurs making credit more understandable and accessible for people. Freddy Kelly is the Founder of Credit Kudos, a new model credit bureau making better data available to lenders. Matt Ford is the Founder of Pariti, an app built to help consumers improve their credit and qualify for new products. Pariti […]

Alternative Lending with Spotcap and iwoca

Today the focus is on alternative lending, one of the original fintech verticals. Surprisingly, in nearly 80 episodes, we’ve never gotten deep into alternative lending. After holding off for so long, today we’re hitting you with two interviews, one with Jens Woloszczak, the founder and CEO of Spotcap, and the second with Christoph Rieche, founder […]

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