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$1 Billion of Mortgages a Day with Blend

Erin Collard is Co-Founder of Blend, a digital mortgage origination platform. Blend sits atop incumbent systems and digitizes the mortgage process, massively reducing costs for lenders and expediting origination. Blend’s software is compelling. So compelling, in fact, that 25% of the market now uses Blend’s technology to originate $1 billion of US mortgages every day. […]

The Future of Mortgages with Habito

Today were joined by Dan Hegarty, Founder and CEO of Habito. Habito is a digital mortgage platform helping homebuyers makes sense of the more than 10,000 mortgage offers available in the UK. Habito is backed by some of the biggest names in venture capital including Mosaic, Ribbit and Atomico. As always, connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or on our website […]

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