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Founder Sessions – David Velez, Nubank

Welcome to the fourth instalment of our Founder Sessions series, where we go rapid fire on a few topics with leading fintech founders. Today, we connect with David Vélez, Founder and CEO of Nubank, the leading financial technology company in Latin America. Nubank has 5 million credit card customers, 2.5 million bank account customers and has […]

How Monzo May Change Banking Forever

Tom Blomfield is the co-founder and CEO of Monzo, one of Europe’s leading digital banks. For Tom’s full backstory, check out Rebank Episode 17, when we first connected with him. In today’s conversation, we discuss Monzo‘s recent milestones, future plans and much more. If you’re a regular listener, please take two minutes to rate and review Rebank on iTunes or […]

Building Billion-Dollar Businesses with Martin Mignot of Index Ventures

Martin Mignot is a Partner at Index Ventures, one of Europe’s leading VC firms. Martin focuses on startups which operate in large markets (food, transportation, finance, healthcare) through the development of must-have products that get exponentially better with each additional user. He has worked with companies including Bird and BlaBlaCar and serves on the board of Deliveroo, Revolut and Trainline. Prior to joining Index, Martin was in the TMT […]

Episode 23: Addressing the Syrian Refugee Crisis with Fintech

Today we welcome Balazs Nemethi to the podcast. Balazs is the founder of Taqanu, a bank for all. Taqanu wants to provide banking to anyone, regardless of background and available documents. One of their first target user groups is refugees displaced by unrest in Syria, but the potential for a solution like Taqanu extends across […]

Episode 21: Neobanks & Financial Inclusion

Financial inclusion is a global issue. In fact, it’s probably more global than most of us think. Even in developed markets like the UK, US and Western Europe, there are huge numbers of unbanked people. Pockit, a UK-based neobank, is addressing that problem in the UK. Launched in 2014 and currently serving 123,000 customers, Pockit […]

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