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Breaking Down Ant Group’s Proposed $200 Billion IPO

Today, we’re joined by a pair of fintech analysts, Max Friedrich of ARK Invest and Lex Sokolin of ConsenSys, to break down Ant Group’s highly anticipated IPO. Ant, a spinout from Alibaba and the parent of Alipay, one of China’s leading payments companies, filed papers to IPO in Shanghai and Hong Kong. In this conversation, […]

The $3.6 Trillion Embedded Finance Opportunity

Is Embedded Finance the world’s next platform shift? Mike Massaro is the CEO of Flywire, a payments technology company fresh off a $120m Series E led by Goldman Sachs. Matt Harris is a Partner at Bain Capital Ventures and one of the smartest fintech VCs on the planet. Both Mike and Matt have been on […]

Varo and Marqeta Raise Rounds, Should Digital Banks Lend? and Fintech Gets Meta

Today, we’re joined by Lex Sokolin to talk through a few recent events that are indicative of what’s important in fintech right now. Varo raised $241 million in preparation to start operating under its own banking license  later this year. Is a banking license an asset or a liability if you’re a digital bank? Marqeta […]

Powering 95% of US Digital Banking with Galileo

Clay Wilkes is the founder and CEO of Galileo, one of the leading digital banking and payments platforms in North America. Galileo provides much of the technology that powers banking and payments for companies including Chime, Robinhood and Varo, plus the US operations of Monzo, N26, Revolut and many, many more. In April, SoFi, one […]

Payments Dominance, $1 Billion in Investments and Facebook Libra

Laurent Le Moal is the CEO of PayU, a leading emerging markets payments company and part of the Naspers group. As CEO of PayU, Laurent has grown annual volumes to nearly $30 billion and overseen close to $1 billion in strategic investments in companies including Citrus Pay and Paysense in India, Iyzico in Turkey and […]

The Present and Future of FX and Payments with Mike Laven

Today, Rebank co-host Aman Ghei of Finch Capital is joined by Mike Laven. Mike is the CEO of CurrencyCloud, one of the leading FX and payments companies in Europe, powering some of the most successful financial institutions and consumer fintech unicorns. Mike has spent over 25 years in financial technology, with executive roles at a […]

Consolidation in Payments, Existential Threats & Vertical Software with Flywire

Mike Massaro is the CEO of Flywire, a Boston-based payments company. Flywire specializes in large-value payments for education, healthcare and travel. Flywire has raised over $140 million from leading investors including Spark Capital, Fidelity’s F-Prime, Bain Capital, Temasek, Accel Partners and QED Investors. In this conversation, Mike and I discuss the drivers and implications of […]

What’s Next in Payments? with Michael Rolph

Michael Rolph is the co-founder and CEO of Yoyo, a payments, loyalty and receipt app enriching commerce for customers and merchants. The payments space has been actively lately, as incumbents consolidate and startups seek new attack vectors leveraging open banking, native device components, tokens and other emerging technologies. Michael brings a value perspective to recent […]

Two Decades of Fintech Investing with Matt Harris

Matt Harris is a partner at Bain Capital Ventures focused on fintech and financial services. Matt is a fintech legend in New York. Everyone I talked to about this conversation knew Matt and sang his praises effusively. Matt has been an early stage investor since 1997, which is basically forever in fintech years. His portfolio […]

Founder Sessions – Michael Kent, Azimo

Michael Kent is the founder and CEO of Azimo, a fast-growing money transmission business. Michael first joined us a over a year ago, in episode 34, and it was fun to connect again. As the founder of Azimo, and before that of Small World FS, another money transmission business, Michael is extremely well placed to talk about the founder’s journey. […]

B2B Fintech & More with Philippe Gelis and Steve Lemon

This week, we’re joined by Philippe Gelis and Steve Lemon. Philippe is the Co-Founder and CEO of Kantox, a B2B FX company. Steve is the Co-Founder and VP of Corporate Development at CurrencyCloud, a wholesale FX and payments provider. We discuss a wide range of topics in today’s conversation, including Monzo’s recently published financial results, […]

What’s Next in Cards? with Global Processing Services

Suresh Vaghjiani is the Managing Director of Global Processing Services, a card processor supporting some of the best known fintechs including Monzo, Starling, Revolut, Curve, Pockit and more. Suresh brings a potentially dry subject to life with some pretty interesting examples of where card technology is going and what new experiences are likely to appear […]

Building a Utility Layer for Banking

Anders La Cour is the co-founder and CEO of Saxo Payments Banking Circle, a utility layer providing global transaction processing and payments to the banking industry. Many people talk about banks becoming a backend, payment processing utility layer, and Anders is actively building a business to play that role. Anders is a lawyer by training […]

GoCardless, YC, Payments and Life with Hiroki Takeuchi

Hiroki Takeuchi is the Founder and CEO of GoCardless, a London-based fintech that simplifies recurring payment collection for businesses. GoCardless has raised $47m to date and is backed by the likes of Balderton, Accel Partners, Passion Capital and Notion Capital. Hiroki and his co-founders, including Tom Blomfield, now of Monzo, who joined us on the […]

The Future of Wholesale FX & Payments

Philippe Gelis is Co-founder and CEO of Kantox, a wholesale FX company. Kantox is a multinational Fintech company offering FX management solutions. Kantox is built to allow our customers to manage their currency exposure, build hedging strategies, automate FX transactions and process international payments in a smart way. The company was founded in 2011, serves […]

Episode 40: Why Google Ventures Invested £25m in CurrencyCloud

Google Ventures invested $25m in CurrencyCloud earlier this year, buying into one of the most powerful fintech solutions in the payments space. Today we’re joined by Steve Lemon, co-Founder of CurrencyCloud, to discuss the investment, the company and the payments space in general. CurrencyCloud’s API-based payments engine automates B2B payments and FX, powering an impressive […]

Episode 34: How to Start a Payments Company

Michael Kent is a serial entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of Azimo, one of Europe’s most successful fintechs of recent years. Michael is also co-founder and a non-executive director of Tandem, a new digital-only bank in the UK. Previously, Michael co-founded Small World Financial Services, a money transmission provider, which he grew to $4.5bn […]

Episode 33: How the OECD is Looking to Make Fintech Work for All

Today, we’re thrilled to be joined by Gert Wehinger. Gert is a Senior Economist at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). In nearly 20 years at the OECD, Gert has worked on subjects including financial market structure and stability, economic policy and regulation, and engagement of the private financial sector. Gert is the […]

Episode 22: Fintech & Venture Capital

Today’s episode is a fascinating look at fintech from the venture capitalist’s perspective. Pascal Bouvier (@pascalbouvier) is a full-time venture capital investor, fintech practitioner and prolific blogger. Before becoming a full-time venture capitalist, Pascal founded and ran startups, worked for commercial and investment banks, and has been at one time or another a CFO, COO, […]

Episode 19: Where We’re Going From Here, Part 1

Episode 19 is a special one. We’re celebrating the year-end with a long-overdue dive into some of the key concepts that have found their way across multiple episodes to date. We’ve interviewed some of the most noteworthy founders, investors, thinkers and doers in fintech & banking innovation over the past few months. Their insight and […]

Episode 10: APIs & the Platformification of Banking

This week we’ve got a special two part edition, with two guests who represent arguably the future of banking and financial services technology. Martin Häring is the Chief Marketing Officer of Misys (www.misys.com), a global core banking provider that recently opened its systems to third party development, in yet another sign that the industry is […]

Episode 5: All About Payments & Remittances

In Episode 5, we’re joined by payments & remittances guru Faisal Khan. Faisal is a banking and payments consultant providing advisory services to banks, financial services companies and startups. He specializes is cross-border money transfer and all aspects of the value-chain associated with it, across B2B, B2C and C2C. Faisal has extensive knowledge in the […]

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