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Automating Personal Finance with Plum

Victor Trokoudes is the founder and CEO of Plum, a personal financial assistant that sits atop your existing bank accounts and automates financial success. Plum is a leader in the personal finance management, or PFM, space, and Victor has interesting views on what the future of the segment will look like. For all of our […]

Bringing Fintech to the Masses with Bud

Today, we’re thrilled to be joined by Jamie Campbell and Nina Mohanty of Bud, one of the most compelling fintech apps around. Despite its startup status, Bud has hit some major milestones and is working on a project with HSBC and First Direct that see them integrated directly into the incumbents’ apps in what could […]

From Uber to Oval with Benedetta Arese Lucini

Benedetta Arese Lucini is the co-founder of Oval Money, an app helping people save more and improve their financial lives. Prior to starting Oval Money, Benedetta ran Uber in Italy, launching it in that country and running it for three years. And what a journey that was. We get into that experience, which is mind […]

What’s Wrong with Personal Financial Management? with Marble

Fiona Mackenzie is CEO and founder of Marble, a personal financial management app. Fiona has spent most of her career as an actuary in insurance and pensions and is looking to bridge the gap between what people are doing with their money and what they could be doing to better achieve their goals. What do […]

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