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The Future of Roboadvisory with Bambu

Ned Phillips is the Founder and CEO of Bambu, a white-label roboadvisory platform. Backed by Franklin Templeton, among others, Bambu builds roboadvisory offerings for banks, investments firms and other consumer-facing businesses. In this conversation, we discuss the limitations of current roboadvisory offerings, the reasons banks have trouble designing solutions for customers and where the space […]

In Pursuit of Comprehensive Financial Wellbeing with Betterment

Jon Stein is the Founder and CEO of Betterment, one of the world’s leading digital investments companies. We first connected with Jon in January 2018 in a great episode that’s still very relevant today. Since then, Betterment has added $4 billion in assets under management to its platform and today, they’re launching checking and savings accounts as […]

Maintaining the Edge in an Evolving Market with BlackRock and Hargreaves Lansdown

The investments space is changing as fast as any other financial services vertical, with roboadvisors, free stock trading apps, contextual behavioral experiences, software automation, AI, new pricing structures and crypto all shaping the future direction of the industry. Today, we discuss the current state and likely future of the space with two of the leading […]

The Past, Present and Future of Roboadvisory with Nick Hungerford

Nick Hungerford is the founder of Nutmeg, the UK’s leading roboadvisor. Nick founded Nutmeg in 2011 and ran it for five years. Currently, Nick is a partner at Portag3 Ventures and serves on the boards of Nutmeg, multiply.ai and Hong Kong based digital bank Neat. In addition to the insights we deliver through our podcast […]

When Will Digital Investing Hit Its Stride?

Lex Sokolin started a roboadvisor way back in 2009, which was eventually sold to AdvisorEngine. As a result of that experience, and the strategy and advisory work he’s done since, Lex has unique insight into the evolution of the digital investments space, one of the fastest moving areas of fintech today. If you enjoy today’s episode, please leave us a review […]

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