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Understanding the SPAC Boom and What It Means for Founders

Ryan Gilbert is General Partner at Propel Venture Partners, a Bay Area venture capital firm backed by BBVA. He is also as of very recently CEO of Olympus Acquisition Corp, a $750 million SPAC that listed on the Nasdaq in August. In this conversation, we look at why SPACs are coming back in fashion, why […]

Remote Seed Investing and Post-Pandemic Fintech Opportunities

Today, Rebank co-host Aman Ghei is joined by Seb Wallace, an investor at Triple Point, an early stage UK venture capital firm that has invested in companies including LendInvest, Credit Kudos, CountingUp and many more. In this conversation, Aman and Seb discuss strategies for remote seed investing, the skew they’re observing in terms of how […]

The $3.6 Trillion Embedded Finance Opportunity

Is Embedded Finance the world’s next platform shift? Mike Massaro is the CEO of Flywire, a payments technology company fresh off a $120m Series E led by Goldman Sachs. Matt Harris is a Partner at Bain Capital Ventures and one of the smartest fintech VCs on the planet. Both Mike and Matt have been on […]

Building, Investing and Fundraising in a Crisis with Rob Moffat

Rebank co-host Aman Ghei of Finch Capital is joined by Rob Moffat, back on Rebank for a second appearance. Rob is a partner at Balderton, a leading European VC, with investments including Revolut, Nutmeg, Wagestream, Zego, GoCardless, ComplyAdvantage and many more. In this conversation, Aman and Rob discuss the state of the venture market, fundraising […]

How to Invest in Fintech Remotely with Accel’s Seth Pierrepont

Seth Pierrepont is a partner at Accel, one of the most renowned venture firms in the world and a backer of companies including Facebook, Spotify, Slack, Dropbox and many more. Seth invests in financial technology and data infrastructure and has led the firm’s investments in companies like Privitar, AnyFin, Soldo, Worldremit any many others. In […]

Fintech Opportunities in LATAM with QED and Broadhaven Ventures

Today, we’re joined by Mike Packer, Partner at QED, and Michael Sidgmore, Partner at Broadhaven Ventures. Mike and Michael are active investors in Latin America, with collective portfolio companies including Credijusto, Loft, Nubank and many more. In this conversation, we discuss market dynamics, nuances and opportunities in Latin American fintech and much more. For all of our […]

What the COVID Crisis Means for Fintech Now and in the Years to Come

Radboud Vlaar is the Founding Partner at Finch Capital, an early-stage venture capital firm and one of Europe’s most active series A investors. Prior to starting Finch in 2013, Radboud was a Partner at McKinsey, where he worked for ten years. Finch recently published a fantastic report on fintech in a time of crisis, which […]

M&A, IPOs and Competitive Dynamics in a Maturing Fintech Industry

The fintech industry has rapidly matured in recent years. Once a collection of aspirational early stage founders catering to tech early adopters, fintech companies are increasingly offering highly respected, professional grade solutions to mainstream consumers and businesses. Challenger banks, online lenders, payments companies and API connectivity layers once competed for fringe customers in a handful of […]

Backing Europe’s Unicorns with Hoxton Ventures

Today, we’re thrilled to be joined by Hussein Kanji, a London-based venture capitalist. Hussein co-runs Hoxton Ventures, a firm he started in 2013. Hussein has invested in and/or served on the boards of some amazing companies, including Deliveroo, Babylon Health, DarkTrace, Behavox and many more. Prior to starting Hoxton, Hussein worked on product at Microsoft […]

Using First Principles to Identify Outliers in Fintech with Greylock

Seth Rosenberg focuses on fintech at Greylock, one of Silicon Valley’s most storied venture firms, with noteworthy investments including LinkedIn, Facebook, Airbnb and many more. In this conversation, we talk through Greylock’s fintech thesis, Seth’s view of where the industry is going and the way the firm looks at investments in general. We reference a […]

Mixed Commerce, Insurtech and HR Benefits with Ryan Gilbert

Ryan Gilbert is General Partner at Propel, a San Francisco-based venture firm with investments in companies including Coinbase, Personal Capital, Trussle, Prosper and many more. Prior to joining Propel, Ryan founded and ran SmartBiz loans, a leading SBA loan originator. In this conversation, we explore a few interesting fintech verticals, including mixed commerce, insurtech and […]

Two Decades of Fintech Investing with Matt Harris

Matt Harris is a partner at Bain Capital Ventures focused on fintech and financial services. Matt is a fintech legend in New York. Everyone I talked to about this conversation knew Matt and sang his praises effusively. Matt has been an early stage investor since 1997, which is basically forever in fintech years. His portfolio […]

Secondary Market Access to Pre-IPO Unicorns with Forge

Samvit Ramadurgam is the Co-Founder & President and Kelly Rodriques is the CEO of Forge, a secondary market for private shares. Forge provides access to shares of virtually all of the top 50 privately held tech startups, including Slack and many more, and offered trading in the likes of Spotify, Dropbox, Snap and DocuSign before they IPOed. […]

Is the Tech Startup Mindset Helping Us or Hurting Us?

Nicolas Colin is co-founder of The Family, a European tech incubator with a different approach than most. Their mission is the educate, support and connect entrepreneurs in ways that build great global companies. The Family describes itself a platform that unites entrepreneurs across Europe in Paris, London and Berlin, with a mission to build a startup continent that is diverse, dynamic […]

What’s Next in Fintech? with Augmentum

We’ve seen a slow evolution in fintech from the early days – transitioning from disruptors and disintermediators to partners and platforms. Where do we go from here? Tim Levene is the Founder and CEO of Augmentum, a fintech venture capital firm. Prior to starting Augmentum, Tim worked for Bain, started London restaurant chain Crussh and founded Flutter.com, which merged with Betfair in 2001, at the […]

Special Episode: Insider Advice for Fintech Founders

Welcome back after a week off last week – our first in a year. Wow. Hope everyone’s having some fun this summer. We’ve got some amazing guests lined up over the next few months, so stay tuned for that. We’re increasingly active in our newsletter lately – if you’d like to be a part of […]

The VC View: Balderton Capital on European Fintech

Rob Moffat is a Partner at Balderton Capital, a London-based venture capital firm that has invested in fintech businesses including GoCardless, Revolut, Crowdcube, Nutmeg, Seedcamp, ComplyAdvantage, Wonga, Zopa and more. Prior to joining Balderton, Rob worked at Bain & Company and Google. Rob holds degrees from Cambridge and INSEAD. As always, connect with us on […]

Episode 48: The Fintech VC’s View: Eight Roads Ventures

Michael Treskow is a Partner at Eight Roads Ventures, focusing on venture and growth investments in technology companies across Europe. Previously, Michael worked at Accel in London, where he was involved with investments in companies such as Funding Circle, GoCardless and WorldRemit. He moved to London from San Francisco, where he did cross-stage investing in […]

Episode 47: The Fintech VC’s View: Octopus Ventures and Atomico

A couple weeks ago we joined our friends at Innovate Finance in London for their annual VCs Take the Stage event, where we caught up with two of the headliners. The first interview you hear is with Alex Macpherson, CEO of Octopus Ventures, the £660 million venture capital arm of UK fund manager Octopus Group. […]

Episode 39: Fintech, Inclusion & Social Impact

The Omidyar Network is a high-impact, social investment fund set up by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar. Today, we’re joined by Ameya Upadhyay, Principal at Omidyar. Ameya focuses on the firm’s Fintech and Financial Inclusion efforts, investing in organizations that have the potential to create economic opportunity for individuals in Africa, Europe, Myanmar and India. His […]

Episode 37: What Can Fintech Learn From Video Games?

Today, we’re joined by two fintech venture capitalists for an update on investment trends in our industry. Alvaro Alvarez del Rio is Principal at Initial Capital, a mobile gaming and fintech focused venture capital fund. Prior to joining Initial Capital, Alvaro worked in investment banking and private equity. Aman Ghei is Principal at Finch Capital, […]

Episode 28: Fintech Venture Investing & The Future of Data

Today we’re thrilled to be joined by Simon Cant and Danny Gilligan, founding partners of Reinventure, an Australia-based, fintech venture capital fund. Simon and Danny are entrepreneurs, and they bring that experience and mindset to venture investing. We cover a number of interesting topics today, including how Reinventure thinks about fintech investing, how best to […]

Episode 22: Fintech & Venture Capital

Today’s episode is a fascinating look at fintech from the venture capitalist’s perspective. Pascal Bouvier (@pascalbouvier) is a full-time venture capital investor, fintech practitioner and prolific blogger. Before becoming a full-time venture capitalist, Pascal founded and ran startups, worked for commercial and investment banks, and has been at one time or another a CFO, COO, […]

Episode 19: Where We’re Going From Here, Part 1

Episode 19 is a special one. We’re celebrating the year-end with a long-overdue dive into some of the key concepts that have found their way across multiple episodes to date. We’ve interviewed some of the most noteworthy founders, investors, thinkers and doers in fintech & banking innovation over the past few months. Their insight and […]

Episode 7: Fintech in Asia

Slava Solodkiy founded Life.SREDA, a fintech-focused VC fund, in 2012 and has been running it ever since. Life.SREDA 1, which was focused on A-rounds in the US and Europe, invested $40m in 13 companies including Fidor, Moven, Simple, Anthemis, SumUp and Rocketbank. In November 2014, Life.SREDA launched its second fund, a $100m fund focused on […]

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