The Present and Future of FX and Payments with Mike Laven

May 5, 2020 34 min

Today, Rebank co-host Aman Ghei of Finch Capital is joined by Mike Laven.

Mike is the CEO of CurrencyCloud, one of the leading FX and payments companies in Europe, powering some of the most successful financial institutions and consumer fintech unicorns. Mike has spent over 25 years in financial technology, with executive roles at a number of large venture backed firms. Mike joined CurrencyCloud in 2011 and has raised over $140m in funding for the company.

In this conversation, Mike and Aman discuss the immediate impact of COVID on the broader FX and remittance market as well as potential longer term implications, why API delivery has been so successful in payments, consolidation and the future of payments, and what the next 12-to-24 months have in store for CurrencyCloud.

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